Seiko 7T32 chrono from 1993

Youth Olympic Games – Singapore 2010 has ended but here’s Seiko chronograph from the Young Sports Series of yesteryear that I saw at the watchmaker’s shop today. It belongs to a guy who introduced himself as Lee. The cellphone shot above is a picture of the actual watch.

I have seen these Sport 150’s with plastic bezel on old Seiko catalogs and have always wondered if they were ever released in the local market at that time. Today’s encounter and a previous encounter confirmed that they were once available in Singapore.

Anyway, I borrowed the watch and took the above picture.

I hope Lee is looking at this post because it is certainly intriguing to see catalog photos of a watch that he bought 17 years ago. This is also his first Seiko watch as he told me.

Here’s a page from an old Seiko catalog showing all the colour variants. This watch belongs to the Young Sports Series as shown at the top of the page.

And here’s a closer look at each variant. The model number of Lee’s watch, the green colour variant is SDW309J.

Here’s the caseback shot of the watch.  It was produced in 1993 as indicated by the serial number.

Here’s my previous encounter with another plastic bezel Sport 150:!3318BA07329CD633!3984.entry


9 thoughts on “Seiko 7T32 chrono from 1993

  1. David C.

    Hi there
    I got my own cronograph 150 with blue bezel. It has with me almost 25 years and wanted to share some pics but don’t know how to upload them. It came with blue leather straps, no rubber. Now I use it with a Nato, but was so dressie with the original straps… Would love to find it on a catalogue.

    1. Craig Woodward

      did you ever manage to get a replacement strap for your seiko chronograph, ive been looking every where and cant find one.

  2. Lee

    Hi Thomas,
    Yes indeed the catalog picture brings back memories of how I went aroound the island just to get the white dial and green bezel combination. The pic also reminded me of the 2 green loops for the rubber strap. Now trying very hard to recall where I placed them after replacing the broken original strap. Tks for the pictures.


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