New JDM Seiko Mechanical and Presage models at Big Time – 16th Nov 2013

Saw the new JDM Seiko Mechanical and Presage models at Big Time today. All of them are powered by the 6R15 movement.

First, the models from the Mechanical line. I thought these are using the same case as the Alpinist(SARB017) but they are not. They are actually one to two millimetre larger than the Alpinist but do not come with screw in crown. Above is the SARG005.
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New Seiko Presage models

Saw these new Seiko Presage models at H2 Hub (Parkway Parade) this week. These are powered by the 4R movement. I believe there are similar models that are powered by the 6R movement in Japan.

As usual, white dial model SRP463J shown above is my favourite. Below are some other variants.
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New Orient watches at Big Time – 3rd Aug 2013

Here are some new Orient watches that I saw at Big Time on 3rd Aug 2013.

First, the black dial M-Force Model# EL03004B. This is a new variant of the 2011 M-Force model. I have a post on the yellow version where I listed out the differences between the new variant and the original model:

Here are the other watches:
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