Seiko SKZ209K


Sharing with you cellphone pictures of this SKZ209 that I saw recently.

This watch was released several years back and was nicknamed “Land Shark” and “Atlas” by collectors. The owner of this specimen must have put the watch to good use as it is in a pretty beat up condition.

Pictured below is the watch with its original bracelet.

This watch has a stainless steel case and a rotating bezel with aluminum insert. It is equipped with the Tuna Can type of hour and minute hands that you hardly see on a 7Sxx powered Seiko. This is the nicest set of hands made by Seiko imo.

Seiko has released a few other models that are similar to the Land Shark. First, there are two limited edition titanium models (SKZ215/217) that are very similar to the Land Shark. Then came the SKZ227 aka “Mapmeter”.


Even these two 100m Seiko 5 models below are close relatives of the Land Shark.



From what I understand, there is still demand for the Land Shark in our local market as of today. This watch certainly has the potential to become a future 7Sxx classic.


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