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Alba Aqua Gear Plastic Bezel Chrono

Yeo TC, a local watch collector shared with me pictures of his Japanese watches and among them is this Alba Aqua Gear with a blue plastic bezel. The watch has been in his collection for 10 years according to him.
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Seiko 7T32 chrono from 1993

Youth Olympic Games – Singapore 2010 has ended but here’s Seiko chronograph from the Young Sports Series of yesteryear that I saw at the watchmaker’s shop today. It belongs to a guy who introduced himself as Lee. The cellphone shot above is a picture of the actual watch.

I have seen these Sport 150’s with plastic bezel on old Seiko catalogs and have always wondered if they were ever released in the local market at that time. Today’s encounter and a previous encounter confirmed that they were once available in Singapore.

Anyway, I borrowed the watch and took the above picture.
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