14th Generation “Daniel Wu chronograph”

This is my last post for 2010 and let me share with you some cellphone pictures of the current model of “Daniel Wu Seiko” that I saw at Big Time a couple of weeks ago.

The watch is equipped with a rotating bezel and has a nice classic style. In my opinion, this is one of the nicest chronographs in the Criteria series so far.

Here are the two colour variants that I saw.

This advertisement can be seen on newspapers, magazines and on the streets in the form of outdoor advertising.

Please refer to the link below for more information:


9 thoughts on “14th Generation “Daniel Wu chronograph”

  1. eguy899

    hi yeoman,
    any idea wat’s the difference between the criteria series & other Seiko series?
    wat are the distinctive features?
    the reason I ask is because I recently hooted an NOS SNZC37K1 fm K2 which is fm the criteria series. it is an automatic with 7S36 movement & it looks nothing like the Daniel Wu ones!
    here’s how it looks like…
    hope u can help & advise. ­čśë
    thanks man!

    1. Yeoman Post author

      Hi eguy899,

      The Criteria series uses the same movements as the regular Seiko series except they are more properly marketed. A series of models are produced each season using chronograph, Perpetual Calendar, Kinetic and other movements and they usually share some common design elements.

      The model you bought does not look like the Daniel Wu ones because it was from Ekin Cheng’s (ÚâĹń╝Őňüą´╝ë time.

      Best regards,

  2. Zaskar36

    Hi Yeoman,

    Quick question on these new chronographs. Do you know the model numbers?

    The reason I ask is that a member on WUS is in the market for a chronograph and his money is burning a hole in his pocket and he wants to pull the trigger this Friday.

    I mentioned your post and shared your pics with him and needless to say he wants one baaaaaaad.

    Here’s the string on WUS…maybe you can help him out…thanks.


  3. Zaskar36

    I’m usually into divers and typically don’t like chronographs because all the subdials usually make the dial to complicated to read…but man…the black with orange accents model is sexy. Sign me up!

    Thanks for posting Yeoman and have a happy new year.


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