New Orient watches I saw at Big Time – 5th Oct 2013

Here are a couple of new Orient watches I saw at Big Time today. Shown above is the new Roman dial Bambino ER2400AW. Below are all the variants.





Here is an elegant dress watch with power reserve, second hand sub-dial (at 6) and date sub-dial (at 9).




A new model from the Sporty Automatic line – ET0Q002B.

The Titanium M-Force with yellow chapter ring is finally here.


A multi-eye automatic model.

A fashionable automatic ladies model.





4 thoughts on “New Orient watches I saw at Big Time – 5th Oct 2013

  1. Ed.YEO

    The new Bambinos are really eye catchy!
    Although i may initially have a little opinion on the dial that seems too cramp… but after handling these fines pieces… i fall in love with it!
    The creamy beige dial variant with the polished blue hands is an instant classic like the previous one with RG case, indices with white dial(which makes me wonder, why doesn’t ORIENT design team didn’t initially come out with the cream beige dial, or the copper tone brown dial to pair with the RG indices as well s the hands?)… unfortunately it comes only in SS case… and no mesh straps! Duh…

    1. Yeoman Post author

      The cream dial variant is nice but I find the blue hands not dark enough. I went for white dial with rose gold indices variant instead.

      1. Ed.YEO

        Hooted the 2012 YG case white dial Bambino yesterday…
        Initially… i want to get the 2013 Bambino with RG case and black dial… but the seller’s stock must have been depleted. So my eye falls upon the 2012 YG white dial, and told myself to complete the 2012 Gold Bambino collection… haa…. so that’s it, bag it, and complete it.

        Now i have a crazy idea.

        Thinking of getting the 2012 RG white dial, and the 2013 SS white dial with RG indices, and have the case swapped.


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