New Orient models I saw at Big Time

Made a trip to Big Time today and saw a couple of new Orient models. Shown above is the new Orient X STI model. This model is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

Next, I saw a three-star model that looks like the classic Rado Diastar. The case shape, hands and hour markers remind me of the Rado.

Here are the other colour variants.

The next model I saw was a ladies model from the “Happy Stream Collection”. Before you see the watches, you need to read this story.

Here are the watches:

For quartz lovers, here is a new quartz model. Other colour variants are also available.


4 thoughts on “New Orient models I saw at Big Time

  1. ruzmidah

    The STI is impeccable… i think it features a handwind feature…
    The Blue bird watches look interesting….

    Must resist buying…. =(


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