New Seiko Presage models

Saw these new Seiko Presage models at H2 Hub (Parkway Parade) this week. These are powered by the 4R movement. I believe there are similar models that are powered by the 6R movement in Japan.

As usual, white dial model SRP463J shown above is my favourite. Below are some other variants.




These three models above are powered by the 4R36 movement.

Here’s a limited edition model SSA177J. It is powered by the 4R39 movement.


12 thoughts on “New Seiko Presage models

  1. Howie Boyd

    Well there are features I like and others I don’t. The seconds chapter ring looks so cheap and so plastic I’m afraid I’d get to hating it. Plus the dial is probably plastic as well as being a pretty blatant homage to the AP Royal Oak’s signature “Tapisserie”. I think Seiko should make more retro models that recall some of their best looking icons starting with the 6139-6002 in gold. Imagine how popular a reissue of that model would be. Plus, why so few mechanical chronographs? They should be pumping more of those out rather than derivative looks like these. Like most humans though, Seiko does not seem to be interested in my opinions.

  2. James

    wanted to get this… the white variant one.. but ended up was told that it has issues with “fogging”… hence i got myself another model =(

    1. Yeoman Post author

      This is a very new model. How do they know it has issues with fogging?
      Haven’t heard of fogging issues with previous Presage models either.

      1. James

        was told by one of the retail store rep that this model came in about 4 months back, and his customer told him that the watch was fogged.

        1. Yeoman Post author

          I doubt they came out four months back. Even the JDM models with 6R15 movement were recently announced.

          Which model did the rep recommended?

          1. James

            he wanted me to get the limited edition presage watch… the one you replied to neongas.

            but that was totally out of my budget… therefore i settled for SRP411K1. too bad they didnt have the SRP417K1.. else i might have bought that instead.

            but tbh, i really like these new presage series… a little resemblance of grand seiko.

            I’m still looking for a seiko watch that looks similar to the Grand Seiko. and till now only these new presage series got my attention.. especially the bracelet.


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