Starfish Seiko AGS Sports 150 from 1993

Talking about Seiko Kinetic, here’s a picture of an old Seiko AGS Sports 150 model that I received from local collector, Yeo TC. This is an early model since it has “AGS” (Automatic Generating System) on its dial instead of “Kinetic”. This specimen was produced in 1993 according to the serial number on its caseback.

The interesting thing about this watch is that it has a bezel that is similar to a recently released 7S36 “Starfish” diver that I posted here. Perhaps the 7S Starfish diver got its inspiration from this AGS model.

Here’s a caseback shot by the owner, TC.

And here’s a picture of the 7S36 Starfish diver that I’m talking about.

2 thoughts on “Starfish Seiko AGS Sports 150 from 1993

    1. Yeoman Post author

      Hi Overload in CO,

      This is not my watch but I believe the bezel rotates. If it doesn’t, it defeats the purpose of having the star shaped bezel which is supposed to provide a better grip.

      The numbers on the bezel also suggest that the bezel rotates. If you look at the bezel at the 6 o’clock position, the marking ’30’ is inverted. When rotated to the 12 o’clock position, it becomes upright.

      Best regards,


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