New 4R36 Monsters launched in Singapore

The new 4R36 Monsters were launched in Singapore today. Thong Sia delivered goods to the dealers and here are a few cellphone shots I took.

Shown above is the black PVDed SRP311K. Below are SRP313K and SRP315K respectively. For more pictures and list price (in SGD), please look at the photo album on my facebook (

Facebook photo album of the new Monsters:

More photos:

20 thoughts on “New 4R36 Monsters launched in Singapore

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  2. Zack

    Would there be a difference in the same models with different serial numbers ending in “K” and “J”?
    I think other than the country of origin (Korea and Japan respectively), theres no major difference?

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  5. andrew

    I own black and orange monster.
    I bought them for 150usd each approx 8 years ago 😉
    I like the red one but not for that price… More choices in that price range

  6. Mike

    Does the bracelet still have pins? Or it has screws (that’s mostly a dream feature given the higher price tag)?

    These are all the models? There is no Orange Monster anymore?

    1. Yeoman Post author

      I didn’t check this part of the bracelet but believe it should be using pins rather than screws. Two more variants (black and orange) are not shown here. Will post them once I have the pictures.

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  9. Andrew

    Just wondering what size straps these new Monsters will take. hopefully it’s not 20mm like the old ones.

  10. Danny

    It seems like Seiko is quietly raising its prices. They launched 3 dress watches 2 years ago (i.e., the domestic mechanical watch cocktail series). I bought all three of them. Now they launched a new range of JDM models of dress watch and prices are 30%+ higher. The Monsters you show (albeit a new movement) prices are also up …

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  12. Conjurer

    Yikes! If my currency converter is correct, the PVD Monster is $561 US! Do retailers out your way normally offer discounts? If not, this would be nearly 2.5X the street price of the old Monster in the United States.


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