Seiko 7T32 Lumibrite Chronograph from 1994

Here’s a Seiko 7T32 chronograph that I saw recently. The owner claimed that this watch was one of the first few models that came with full lumibrite dial.

Back home, I took out my old Seiko catalogs and started looking for the watch. Guess what, this watch was actually a featured watch in the Lumibrite series in a catalog from the 90’s. The owner knows his sh….stuff.

Here’s the page featuring the watch taken from the catalog.

Here’s a closer look at the watch on the catalog. It is exactly the same as watch I saw.

And here’s the actual stock picture from the catalog.

According to the caseback, the watch was produced in August 1994.


4 thoughts on “Seiko 7T32 Lumibrite Chronograph from 1994

  1. roelofs

    I’m wearing mine right now, i do got the original looking green gator strap.
    I won mine as best player award on the 1995 IIHF World Championship icehockey in Slovenia.

    It’s a very nice watch.
    Still love it after all those years.

      1. Gunne

        In 1994 I bought this watch in Singapore. While flying I saw the same advertisement and although I’m a girl I wanted to have it.
        With a brake of 10 years I wearing it right now. I believe I bougt it in march of that year. The number on the back is: 3 N3861.
        Maybe it’s really one of the first one.
        Very nice and good photographed site you have…keep going your interesting work.


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