New Seiko 5 models – May 2012

Have not posted for a while because my old computer broke down and it took me a while to get a new one. I also had to change my modem as well as photo editing software.

Anyway, here are a couple of new Seiko 5 Sports models that I saw at H2 Hub (Parkway Parade) this week. Shown above is a military style model, SRP275K. Unlike previous military models, this one came with Nato strap instead of the standard nylon strap. Below are a few more variants.



Here is another model that uses the 4R37 movement. It comes with a 24 hour indicator as well as a inner rotating compass bezel. The lug design and side profile of this watch reminds me of the Monster. Shown here are two variants, SSA053K and SSA047K.


17 thoughts on “New Seiko 5 models – May 2012

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  3. kehyi4

    hmm… why is SRP277K more expensive than SRP275K or SRP273K? it looks the same, or is there something i’m missing?

  4. sacijata

    Halo. The only product line I like from Seiko is the automatic “Seiko 5” series. I only have three seiko 5 so far. GS and the other lines are not interesting to me. I want to know what the reason is so that Seiko does not include Seiko 5 in their site. It is rather difficult to me to have info about the latest models of Seiko 5.
    Thanks. It nice hearing the new update of seiko 5 from you.

    1. Yeoman Post author

      I believe they do not include Seiko 5 on their website because there are too many models and it is only an entry level product line.

      1. sacijata

        Thanks, Yeoman.
        To me, an analogue watch is a mechanical watch, and it must be pure mechanical without any electrical element. e.g. I do not like analogue Quartz. Too fast or too slow for several minutes is not a problem to me concerning with mechanical watch. I use pure digital watches for precision. So, to me, watch must be pure mechanical or pure digital. But, Seiko goes in between and does not promote the pure ones properly. Casio is good in promoting their pure digital watches.
        Seiko promotes the mechanical GS, but it is not ‘the-5’ since the day of week is absent.

        I hope there will be more updates about seiko 5 from you, Yeoman.

  5. shotemba

    Hi there,

    Just wondering how can I contact the seller in Singapore for these watches ? thks for any leads.


  6. Conjurer

    Nice new 5’s there, Yeoman. I don’t care for NATOs too much, but sharp. Thanks for brining those to our attention!

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