A few pictures of a new Seiko 5 model from Andrew (Philippines)

Andrew from the Philippines shared with me a few pictures of a new Seiko 5 model that was released over there. I have not seen these in Singapore yet but when I saw the pictures, the Rolex Oyster Quartz comes to my mind immediately. Next came the Explorer II. Strong resemblance there especially to the Oyster Quartz.

Here’s an Oyster Quartz that I handled some time back.

According to Andrew, this model is powered by the 4R36 movement. Here are the other variants.


14 thoughts on “A few pictures of a new Seiko 5 model from Andrew (Philippines)

  1. Jan

    Hi Thomas,

    thanks for sharing the pictures of these interesting new models. I find the styling of these very appealing. Would you happen to know the model numbers of the first two variants with the baton markers and numbered bezel?
    All the best

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  4. NewFan

    Like it a lot, but a red second hand would make it even better–particularly on the black / all indices face.

    Anyone know the model number?

  5. Neverok

    Looks awesome and a welcome change. Price, availability and whether or not it’s got a solid bracelet would be good to know. Thanks.

  6. Paul

    Any idea of the price? I don’t think we can ever have that model in Portugal. It’s just great, the Seiko, not “don’t having it”

  7. The Flying Scotsman

    Hi Thomas,

    Looks like a very nice tool watch from Seiko with this manual wind and hack auto-movement, very buyable!

    I agree, looks like the Rolley, but my 1st impression was that it looks like an Omega . . . it has the vintage Seamaster look.

    Will keep a look out for this number here in Malaysia.

    Best regards!



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