Seiko Monster with compass bezel

Saw these new Seiko models at H2 Hub (Parkway Parade) today. They are using the Monster case but fitted with compass bezel with no click when rotated. They are rated WR 100m with no screw-in crown.

I think the SRP443K with orange accent shown above is the nicest. It has orange colour lume while the rest have the usual green colour lume.

Other variants below:





11 thoughts on “Seiko Monster with compass bezel

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  3. Andrew

    Hi Yeoman,
    I got the 451 which I think is the best looking Field Monster so far. here it is along side my friend’s JDM 50th anniversary model.

  4. jeje3325

    The orange gets my vote ­čÖé

    Looks really nice.
    Its to bad Seiko decided not to go for 200m, since the regular case is already like that.


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