New Seiko 5 model

Saw a new Seiko 5 model at H2 Hub this afternoon. This model is powered by the 4R36 movement (day/date) and has water resistance of 100m. It has a very unique crown guard design.

The model above is the SRP363K. Here are more photos and variants.



Here are some shots showing the crown guard.


11 thoughts on “New Seiko 5 model

  1. Howie Boyd

    I’m normally a fan of crown guards but that one has been worked over with “the ugly stick”. That’s a deal breaker in my book. Too bad because I kind of like the white dialed one, ‘cept for that plasticky looking bezel ring.

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  4. saini masidi

    Nice. A signature of Seiko. I think not much of new design, its a mixed of previous models and twist of colours. Probably fits for new Seiko collectors and die hard fan.


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