Thong Sia shifted to a new location

Seiko distributor in Singapore, Thong Sia Co. has shift to a new location. Their new address is:

50 Kallang Avenue, #06-03, Singapore 339505

Here are some pictures:


8 thoughts on “Thong Sia shifted to a new location

  1. HB

    Hiya, had a smashing time reading ur posts, kudos…

    Just acquired myself a frankenmonster but realised 3 bracelet pins are missing the smaller part / washer.

    Asked around 8 shops incl H2 in parkway but none stock replacements… So is TS service cemtre the only place to get them?

  2. Umer

    Hi Yeoman,

    Need your advice on this one.
    I have an old Svcs 001 and by accident, I managed to dislodge the glass piece on the face of the watch. I want to ask, where is it best for me to take it for repair now? should I bring it to the local distributor or send it back to seiya san in Japan since it is a JDM.

    Thank you for your reply in advance.


  3. MIKER

    Thanks for sharing the pics “Thomas” , it seems its more a service centre now . With a small display for Seiko watches on offer “Are they JDM & GS” ? Or just the regular Seiko range on offer ? i am also wondering did they lay off the 3 female sales employees that worked @ previous location? “I Hope not” they were very nice to deal with . Its kind of sad to see such a big store & great location of the Bideford rd store gone & now relocated to 50 Kallang ave “End of a Era” so to speak .


    1. Yeoman Post author

      Those videos on the display shelves suggest they are showcasing the Astron and Criteria models.

      I doubt they laid off the showroom staff. If they do not have a showroom there, the ladies would probably be transferred to other departments or even City Chain.


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