A recent Seiko chronograph – SSB003P

Here’s a recent Seiko chronograph that I would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a simple quartz chronograph. The black sub-dials on silver dial reminds me on the vintage Seiko “Panda”. Although a quartz movement, the chronograph hand behaves like one on a mechanical movement. When the reset button is pressed, it actually “flyback” to the 12 o’clock position instead of gliding back in clockwise direction.

Watch is seen at H2 HUb (Parkway Parade). Here are more pictures.

The diameter is between 39-40mm.


6 thoughts on “A recent Seiko chronograph – SSB003P

  1. Hannibal

    This watch is especially interesting because of it’s 6T63 movement. It’s hybrid, a regular quartz movement combined with fully mechanical reset chronograph function. There are interesting articles on the net about this movement, and funny thing is that Seiko also nicknamed it Mecaquartz, probably as a nod to legendary hybrid movements from IWC and JLC. And greatest thing about all of it is that it’s essentially very similar in function with those legendary movements. Truly great watch for the price.

  2. prince

    I bought this watch in march. I really like it. the black strap with white stitching really finishes it off.
    In my opinion it is much nicer than the bracelet, and usually i always go for bracelets

  3. Conjurer

    It’s nice to see the classic look coming back. I have a couple Seiko quartz chronos, both of which are inexpensive, accurate, and tough as nails. This is the sort of thing that Seiko excels at, providing handsome, value-laden watches to the masses.


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