My first rose gold watch – Orient ER24002W

I have been collecting watches for many years but this Orient is probably my first rose gold watch ever. I have been looking around for an ideal rose gold watch and have considered Seiko models such as SARC018 and SRP188. This Orient fits my requirement because of its classic design. It is exactly what I had in mind.

Here’s my pictorial review of the stainless steel model:


15 thoughts on “My first rose gold watch – Orient ER24002W

      1. jonibang

        cool..i wear it on casual office setting..but i thought rosegold on white dial felt a little too formal than the silver one..maybe im just being picky though..:D (i’m wearing the rosegold/white one)

  1. sgtden

    Hi Yeoman,

    Nice looking rose gold watch from Orient! Do you have information as to how the “rose gold” was applied to the watch? Is it PVD or plated?

  2. The Flying Scotsman

    Congratulations on your 1st Rose Gold watch! Nice classic looking number to boot!

    I got the Orient ‘open heart’ rose gold version my self recently . . . after much deliberation!

    Currently it looksa bit out of place among the more ‘man-ly’ diver watches that I own! LOL!

    But, hey! it’s a gentleman’s dress watch nonetheless!

    best regards!


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