New Orient watches I saw at Big Time – 3rd March 2012

Here are a couple of new Orient watches that I saw at Big Time last Saturday. Besides the new Orient X STI quartz chronograph, there is also a classic style automatic model and a few quartz models from the Sp line.


3 thoughts on “New Orient watches I saw at Big Time – 3rd March 2012

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  2. Konstantin Ultarior Korzhov

    Can you please tell me the references of those classic orient-watches from this post?
    they are located as 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in order from the begining.
    I see some reference-like patterns in their JPG URL’s but google knows nothing about such orients

    1. Yeoman Post author

      Pink gold with black dial – ER24001B
      Yellow gold with white dial – ER24003W
      Stainless steel with black dial – ER24004B
      Stainless steel with white dial – ER24005W

      Not shown in my post is a pink gold with white dial variant – ER24002W

      Try adding a ‘F’ in front when doing google search. Example: FER24002W


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