Orient STI (2010 model) – Foggy caseback

Wore my Orient X STI watch today and was surprised to see that its see-through caseback has turned foggy. The crystal in front however was fine.

This is quite rare to me. I usually see foggy crystals on the front but hardly on the caseback.

What happened here? Moisture entered from the caseback?

Here’s a picture of the front. It looks fine.

Here’s another incident about same model that I posted some time back.



2 thoughts on “Orient STI (2010 model) – Foggy caseback

  1. Acouphenix

    Probably moisture entered from caseback or the crown.
    Change your gasket ring and applies silicon grease.

    Open the crown and put your watch a day on a hot surface to evacuate moisture befure change the gasket.


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