Regular Edition 4R36 Shrouded Divers

I posted about the limited edition 4R36 divers last month and this month, Seiko released the three regular edition variants. The model numbers are SRP227 (shown above), SRP229 and SRP231 respectively.

The SRP231 comes on a Z22 strap while the other two are equipped with metal bracelet.

Below are the SRP229 and 231 respectively.

More pictures of the SRP231K here:


21 thoughts on “Regular Edition 4R36 Shrouded Divers

  1. Tang L.T.

    how different is this compared to SRP307? same caliber (hack-able and hand-winding)? thought targeting a SRP307 coz its a new model plus a better caliber…

  2. jeje3325

    Just ordered a 227,
    the hype is down and so are the prices ūüôā

    Looks like a great watch, might go for a 231 as well…

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  5. xpusostomos

    Is the frankenmonster still being made? Its harder to find than it used to be, especially in some colors.

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  7. The Flying Scotsman

    Ya, just like that! You have just added fuel to the fire with that one! LOL!

    But I prefer it with the Seiko wave strap . . . being a purist myself!
    Not that changing the toffee coloured LE strap alduterates the watch in any way. But what the heck, at least the shroud and strap is made by Seiko, right?

    Hope to change the look of my ‘Sardine Can’ and soon!

    Best regards!


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  10. Gorga George Naibaho

    The SRP227 and the SRP231 look very nice. Being part of the Superior line, I don’t think this will be too expensive, too. I don’t really like the red accents on the SRP229, but it’s my personal preference. Also, the resin/plastic shroud somehow reminds me of G-Shocks…

      1. The Flying Scotsman

        + 1. Don’t mind getting the 231 and swapping the strap and shroud with my ‘Toffee Tuna’ ;-P

        Thanks for sharing this . . now my mind’s working overtime! LOL!


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