New Limited Edition Seiko Diver – SRP233K

Once again, a new Seiko diver is released in the Singapore market. There are three variants and each variant is limited to 1300 pieces. This model has a plastic component that serves as a protective shroud. It is similar to the Frankenmonster except is it powered by the 4R36 movement.

Here is a variant with red shroud.


13 thoughts on “New Limited Edition Seiko Diver – SRP233K

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  2. Christian

    I want this one. Hope it is intended for continued production as a more modest and toned-down version. The fact that it has plastic parts, 200m, and a 4R36 movement indicates that in a small way, right? Thanks for a great blog.

      1. Christian

        That’s right, unless you (like me) think the SS/Black Plastic actually is toned down. But I reluctantly agree, this is in my eyes a quite fair contemporary (yet juvenile) tool diver.

        Like it anyway but will never get to buy one.

        /// Christian

          1. Christian

            No, not really. The main problem is my location in asio-horological backwater scandinavia. With these looks I could live with a bigger diam.


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