Saw the new 4R36 Seiko 5’s

The 4R36 Seiko 5’s are out in the market. Here are two that I saw at H2 Hub Parkway Parade. The model numbers of these 4R Seiko 5’s start with “SRP” to differentiate them from the 7S models. They continue to have display back as one their features.

Here’s the SRP157K.

And here’s the SRP137K.


3 thoughts on “Saw the new 4R36 Seiko 5’s

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  2. Christian

    So, how do you like them? So far for me, it’s a little bit of both. I like the idea of the 4R3x, though. If they put that into the SKZ327 for example I would be very glad. Thanks for great blog.

    1. Yeoman Post author

      These Seiko 5’s are nice but I would prefer a 200m diver because it is more substantial and has more wrist presence. Hopefully we will see a 4R35/6 diver soon.


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