Another new Seiko Presage – SSA011J

New models with the 4R movement are showing up in the market. Here are some pictures of a new Presage model that I received from a local collector, TC Yeo. This model is powered by the 4R37 movement that features hack and handwind as well as a 24 hour sub-dial at the 11 o’clock position.

According to TC, the bezel reminds him of the old Rolex Air-kings.

16 thoughts on “Another new Seiko Presage – SSA011J

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    1. Yeoman Post author

      Yes, the SSA011J uses the same case as the SARY001. In fact, the new 4R based Presage model uses the same case as the SARY models in the Mechanical line.

  2. Bukkem

    Beautiful watch!
    Unfortunately it’s nowhere to be found, not even Google can find one!

    I wanted to know where I can buy this watch, I thought it would be in a few shops by now, it being a new model and all.

    I’ve been looking for it ever since I read this review.
    But alas, to no avail 😦

      1. Bukkem

        Well so far the new Orient models from the August 8 Weblog nor those from the February 13 Weblog are for sale anywhere yet.
        So I’m starting to wonder how long we’re going to have to wait for these Seikos to become available in stores…

        What is it with these manufacturers,… they announce new watches and then they forget about them again??? I don’t get it. What gives??

        Weblog 13feb:

        Weblog 8aug.:

      2. Bukkem

        I have been looking on the internet since the weblogs were published.

        I can’t imagine that Seiko or Orient announce new watches which then can only be bought via Ebay.
        Big Time doesnt even sell Seiko, and get’s really bad reviews.

        I think from now on I’m just going to look at what web stores have in stock and be done with these ‘scoops’ and ‘announcements of new watches’.
        They can’t be purchased anywhere anyway so what’s the use.

        Of course I only blame the manufacturers don’t get me wrong I like the weblogs.
        I’m just disappointed with Seiko and Orient.
        Thanks for your reactions and trouble.

        1. Yeoman Post author

          I have not been looking at the web stores lately but from comments posted here, I get the impression that they are slow in stocking new models these days compared to few years back.


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