New Orient models I saw at Big Time – 6 Aug 2011

Here are some new Orient models I saw at Big Time last Saturday. Shown above is the ER21002B from the new Stylish and Smart line. This is a new product line and below are two other variants including a stealth model.

This models come with automatic self-winding movement.

Next is a automatic model that shares some design elements with this GMT model.  Available in both black and white dials.

Next is a series of classic looking models with brighter dial colours.

The next model is a sporty looking model available in black and white dials.

Last but not least, a classic looking quartz chronograph. Available in several colour variants. Here’s a white dialed model.


10 thoughts on “New Orient models I saw at Big Time – 6 Aug 2011

  1. Bukkem

    Good stuff!
    I especially like the SER02003W and that last one, the white dialled chrono.
    Can you tell me what the model number on that one is please?
    When I save the pic it seems the model is called tt0v002w is this the correct model name?
    ‘Cause Google can’t find it and I can’t even find it on Orient’s website.
    I really like that one and I’d like to look up the specs.

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