Cellphone shots of the Seiko Presage – SRP113

The new Seiko Presage models are launched and here one I saw at K2 last Friday. Model# is SRP113J.

This model is technically the same watch as the JDM SARY005,007 and 008 in the Mechanical line except they are in the Presage line in the international market with several variants added.

Here’s review I did some time back.



4 thoughts on “Cellphone shots of the Seiko Presage – SRP113

  1. Josh Lim

    Sir this is off topic, just to ask whats your take on the Seiko 40th Anniv. Ti. Divers SKZ205K? I mean do you like it? Is it worth to buy one, is it comparable to JDM Seiko’s and do you have a review of that model, Thanks alot for your great review and insights! More Power!


    1. Yeoman Post author

      That is a nice watch. I had the stainless steel version before but didn’t like the lug design. It is hard to put a Z22 in there due to its limited space. Doesn’t look good on strap too.


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