Seiko BFS

This watch is getting harder and harder to find these days. It is very popular in the Philippines. If you look at this thread, you will see how popular it is over there.

Supply will come from the Philippines when this watch becomes a vintage model in 20 years time.

Here’s a blue dial version SNKF05K I saw at Big Time.


5 thoughts on “Seiko BFS

  1. Neil

    The Seiko BFS is definitely huge here in Manila (no pun intended), reaching cult status even. And not altogether surprising since they really are a beautiful set of watches. I’m even proud to say that, last Wednesday, I received the last piece of the puzzle — now I have all four watches in the BFS Series!

  2. kevin

    I have the SNKF11K1 black dial with leather band.
    My first huge Seiko and bought it when it start release in 2007…
    7S26 movement.and now hardly see it selling at shops…look likely going to be obsolete.


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