Bazaar at Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Popped by Takashimaya Shopping Centre on Sunday to visit Big Time’s booth at the Takashimaya “Smart Suave Sporty” bazaar.

The picture above shows the place of the event: Takashimaya Square – Basement 2

Here are the products.

Here are the price and promotion.

The mix of products, price, place and promotion leads to the closing of sales.

This is a rather long event. It ends on 17th April 2011. During this period, sales staff involved in the “Smart Suave Sporty” bazaar will basically eat, sell, sleep and repeat.


2 thoughts on “Bazaar at Takashimaya Shopping Centre

  1. skywalker

    they sell this model r not??? Orient X STI Limited Edition Watch – SER1S001B. how much??
    how about seiko?



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