Old King Wah shop – circa 1985/86

Seiko fans in Singapore must have heard of King Wah Watch and Pen Store, a place where you can get Seiko watches at good prices.

Most of you know the shop is located at 111 North Bridge Road (Peninsula Plaza) but not many are aware that it was previously located at the shophouse shown in the picture above.

I believe they occupied this shophouse from the sixties to the early eighties. During this period, the entire North Bridge Road from Elgin Bridge area right up to Jalan Sultan area and beyond was filled with watch shops.

So, where was King Wah’s shophouse located?

From this 1971 Rado watch ad, you can see that the address of King Wah’s shop was 523 North Bridge Road.

You can also see that Sincere Watch’s address at that time was 64 High Street, right at the corner of High Street and North Bridge Road junction. This is a topic for another day though.

So, where is 523 North Bridge Road today?

I’m sure many will find the location shown in this 1986 picture familiar. King Wah’s shophouse is on the right side indicated by the blue arrow.

You are right. It shows North Bridge Road towards the direction of Raffles City.

Below is a shot of the same location taken in 2011. As you can see, the row of shophouses in the old picture were replaced by today’s Bugis Junction.

The spot where the overhead bridge and the “no entry” sign stood in the old picture was roughly where the yellow box is in the 2011 picture. This is the junction of North Bridge Road and Bugis Street.

The overhead bridge ends at Tan Quee Lan Street at the other side of the road. You can see Tan Quee Lan Street on the left of the 2011 picture below.

This is roughly the spot where King Wah’s shophouse was located.


10 thoughts on “Old King Wah shop – circa 1985/86

  1. Tim

    Not too good news to share. was informed that A Cube timeless(the old King Wah) is closed even in Penisula Shopping Center

    1. Jinko

      Was bringing some colleagues to Acube Timeless 2 weeks back but was shocked to find the store empty and telephone number unreachable… anyone knows what happened?

  2. The Flying Scotsman

    Hi Thomas,

    A bit of sad news, I’m afraid . . . King Wah Watch & Pen Store at 111 North Bridge Road has relocated to #01-03 Peninsula Shopping Centre just across the road & been Renamed as A3 (a cube) Time. Opens their doors to customers today after the CNY break.

    Hope you guys do not get disappointed but know where to go to get the best priced watches.

    Looks like Cathay’s moving into the old shop lot where the old King Wah was.

    Best regards,


    1. Yeoman Post author

      I heard about the new shop on our local Seiko forum. It was actually opened before the CNY holidays. It is good that this old shop is still around.

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