Cellphone shots of the SBDC015

Here’s a SBDC015 Fieldmaster that I saw recently. The 6R15 Fieldmasters were released some time back and from what I heard at Big Time, they are selling quite well especially the SBDC011.

The SBDC015 is limited to 300 pieces. I have the SBDC013 (black case model) and from what I observed, the shroud has brushed finishing whereas the SBDC015 has a polished shroud.

The SBDC015 comes with metal bracelet as well as a black leather strap.


5 thoughts on “Cellphone shots of the SBDC015

  1. Sean Koh

    Hi Yeoman,

    Is the SBDC011 a JDM or international model? Btw, thanx for your help on the Sumo quite awhile ago. Love it!

    Sean K.

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  3. GM

    Is this for sale at big time???

    the rose gold looks very nice…..

    seldom see this for sale, usually the other 2 models only in sg or fourms


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