Cellphone shots of Seiko 5 – SNZJ13 and SNZJ19

I did a review of this Seiko 5 model in November 2010 and promised to post pictures of the other colour variants when I see them. Well, I finally saw two more variants and took these pictures to share.

Here’s the SNZJ13

And here’s the SNZJ19.

They look very similar except the SNZJ19 has black plating on its bezel.

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10 thoughts on “Cellphone shots of Seiko 5 – SNZJ13 and SNZJ19

  1. Brickbats

    Thanks! I have to say that although I like a lot of Seiko 5 watches and own a few, this series leaves me cold. In fact, I think they are really ugly looking, and not with a good kind of ugly such as a Monster or EcoZilla, I think these models look tacky and over the top. That’s just my two cents worth you understand. Keep the great posts coming, I love your blog.

      1. George

        I think these two Seiko 5 iterations are fine myself, but I won’t be buying them. That’s just how it is with Seiko these days, their designs seem to no longer work for absolutely everyone – whereas their vintage models do. It seems that their best designers are kept away from working on the lower end watches.

          1. George

            But some Seiko 5s are really nice to my eyes, such as the SKZ281. In fact, I pulled the trigger on it just yesterday after looking at your photos and trying out one in the flesh. It’s certainly not a design for everyone either, but it’s striking ūüėČ

            1. Yeoman Post author

              Congrats! That’s a Seiko Superior (not 5). I agree that its not a design for everyone. I like the white dial and the black TiCN version.

              1. George

                Whooops, must have confused it for being a 5 due to the 7S36 that’s inside. StanSuarez also advised me to get the white dial one (at the WUS forum), but I was looking for another daily beater and I think the white dial looks a bit too dressy.

              2. Brickbats

                Superior or 5, I like that model. That’s what I meant about ugly in a good way. Like beefy and butch looking. That’s why I bought this one:

                1. Watch Freak

                  Came across this blog, and man I have to say this watch is really fugly. The SNZJ19 looks way better than this! LOL


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