Cellphone pictures of the gold Stargate – SKZ330K

Saw this Seiko Stargate at K2 recently and took the opportunity to take some pictures. The watch has a pink gold body with black bezel and crown.

Enjoy the pictures.

Here’s the caseback shot. As you can see, the caseback is not plated.

This model comes with Z22 rubber strap with pink gold buckle to match its case.

It is distributed in Singapore by Thong Sia Group and has a list price of SGD615.30 inclusive of GST. (Price is for reference only. I am not a watch seller)

Here’s another shot.

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5 thoughts on “Cellphone pictures of the gold Stargate – SKZ330K

  1. Pete

    Hi Thomas,

    Do you think this one looks too gold? like sickly perhaps?

    Bought a seiko 5 fathoms on the back of your review and a friend wanted the red handed stargate on the back of another. Your blog is invaluable for Europeans/ Americans wanting to know about the latest watches coming out of japan. Just wondered why the 2 blogs and not just 1 though?

    1. Yeoman Post author

      Hi Pete,

      When I first saw it, I felt it was slightly too gold even though the shopkeeper told me it’s rose gold.

      As for my blogs, it was a long story. I started blogging on Windows Live Space many years ago. Features were lagging and I thought they would upgrade gradually. They didn’t and I started Yeoman’s Watch Review on WordPress.com and began putting the longer posts with better quality photos there.

      I was so happy with WordPress and decided to move away from Windows Live Space completely. So I started this blog for my casual posts with quick an dirty cellphone shots and stopped blogging on Windows Space.

      Long story short, this is what it is about:

      Yeoman’s Weblog – for casual posts with quick and dirty shots.
      Yeoman’s Watch Review – for longer post or reviews with better quality shots or anything that is worth archiving.

      Best regards,

      1. pete

        Aaah ok, steel on steel il go for personally. Having seen it in person I think the case design is excellentand overall good value for money watch.

        Ok two bookmarks it is then!


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