Seiko Clock at Raffles Place – 1965

Time for history lesson and by now you can call me a historian in the topic of Seiko clocks in Singapore.

Last October, I discovered a Seiko clock that once stood in front of People’s Park food centre and this time round, I found a bigger one that was once located at Raffles Place.

The picture above shows Raffles Place in the 60’s. It definitely look nicer than today’s Raffles Place. If you look at the picture carefully, you will see a clock in sitting in the garden. Refer to the red arrow in case you can’t see it.

Below is a picture of the clock taken from our National Library archives. From what I’ve read, this clock was installed by Seiko in 1965 as a gift to the people of Singapore.

For more info, please visit the link below.

This clock is added to my series of “Seiko Clocks in Singapore” posts.


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