IWC Mark XV Wall Clock

Besides repairing watches, K2 Watch Co. also repair wall clocks. I had the opportunity to “witness” the opening of a IWX wall clock the other day at the shop.

This is the type of wall clock that you see hanging in some watch shops. I remember seeing one at JW Horological Gallery a few years ago. Big Time has a couple of Mido ones hanging in their shop as well.

This clock is quite heavy. It weights roughly 4kg (9lbs) estimated by my “weights trained” arms. The case and back cover are made of steel.

To open the back cover, you need to remove the screws circled in blue.

Here’s a closer look at the clock module.

The long bolts (circled in blue) that hold the screws act as screws that secure the dial to the case. You need to remove them in order to remove the dial.

Here’s a closer look at the sticker found on the back of the dial.

Here’s the dial taken out of the case.


3 thoughts on “IWC Mark XV Wall Clock

  1. singstamps

    Is this real? I have seen a few junghans quartz IWC wall clocks, but they are all replicas. Also, I have heard so much about not putting energizers into quartz movement… yet I see a energizer there…

    1. Yeoman Post author

      I’m not 100% sure but it is very nicely made and the watchmaker told me it is real. I have heard the same thing about energizer batter.


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