Unusual Citizen 7

Here’s a rather unusual Citizen 7 that I saw at the watchmaker’s place recently. It was sent in for servicing because the movement had stopped working.

Most of these Citizen 7 (or Eagle 7) have standard dress watch design with smooth or fluted bezel. This one is kind of sporty due to its diver style bezel and crown guard.

From the dial, it can be seen that the watch is powered by the Miyota 8200 movement.

Here’s how the caseback looks like. Unfortunately, I am unable to see its water resistance rating as the owner has yet to remove the sticker on the caseback. I am guessing it is rated 50m, i.e for washing fish tank only.


1 thought on “Unusual Citizen 7

  1. anonymous

    I bought a watch online that was ‘New Old Stock’ and was a submariner style with Mercedes hands etc, but similar to the above in that the back was very similar and the hour markers are the same shape as above. Turns out it was not a genuine citizen as it was rejected as such by a Citizen repair centre. Among the things they pointed out when challenged was that all genuine Citizen dials have the dial code in tiny numbers just below the 6, also the clasp was wrong. The watch I had seemed to have a genuine Miyota 8200 movement though.


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