Foggy watch

I have heard from watchmakers/sellers that black dialed watches tend to become foggy after a certain period of use. Most people suspect it’s due to the humid weather here in Singapore.

Above is an Orient watch that has this issue.

I believe it has nothing to do with the colour of the dial but more to do with how the watch is used.

This particular watch belongs to someone who works as a chef. He specializes in steaks which is my favorite food. From the oil stains on the bezel, I assume he has the watch on his wrist while at work.

I think grilling steaks or working in a kitchen/cooking environment puts the watch to higher risk of moisture intrusion since the job involves having the watch close to heat, water, oil, etc if he chooses to wear it while working.

Of course, other factors might have caused moisture to enter the watch such as not pushing the crown back in after setting the date/time.

The dial and movement seem good for now.


7 thoughts on “Foggy watch

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  2. es

    Some says better not store the watches in a humid place such as your clothes cupboard,
    better to store in someplace or in a box with silica gel…

  3. Charles Laigo

    A lot of my Orients and some Seikos suffered from this foggy crystal syndrome (watch cataracts I call them). Even those timepieces that never ever get wet (leather straps) were not immune and suffered the same fate.

    Dial color is not an issue, however, it is more likely to be pronounced and noticed on a black dial timepiece. I also think it has a lot to do with the humidity. It can also get really humid here in the Philippines.

    Another theory put forth is that the “watch oil” and/or sealant supposedly evaporates causing this thin film to accumulate inside the crystal. However, I did notice that this phenomenon occurs much less in screw-down crown watches.

    1. Yeoman Post author

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for sharing the theories. I too believe it has to do with the humidity and I notice it happens more often in watches with lower water resistance rating (30m and 50m).

      Best regards,

  4. lieu

    hi… i have a few seiko with 7s36 movement … they have the same problem… foggy … had to clean them once a while… seem like not only happened on black dial for seiko… cheers


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