WIS Story: Ricoh Diver

Several months ago, I made a post regarding a set of NOS case and crown of a Ricoh world diver that was available at the watchmaker’s shop.

Recently, a local collector, Lunarin, whom I have met several times, chanced upon the post and restored a rare Ricoh diver with the NOS parts.

Below is what he wrote to me.

Hi Thomas, just to share with you on this Ricoh Diver watch. My friend is slowly clearing his collection now & this happened to be one of it. It’s an interesting piece, having the WorldTime function, on a diver watch(??)

We were both a bit skeptical at first, he examined the bezel carefully with a loupe but couldn’t find any scuffs/damage to the case or bezel so his guess was, it might be an original bezel + bezel insert.

As I was trying to find information on this piece & it was very difficult to find any too..hence I just briefly wrote some description on the FS sales thread(in sg-roc). It’s only after when the thread is ‘active’ then i googled & hit your blog,LOL

Couldn’t believe my luck when I saw you posting k2 had NOS cases for this 200ft Diver. I went back to sg-roc & close the sales post immediately,haha.

Decided to buy this diver myself, it seems that this is not a common model either

Went down to k2 yesterday to swap into the NOS case & man, it looked terrific ­čÖé

Here’s some pics Thomas ­čÖé

Original Case (notice the crown was non-original)

New look:

Nice thick crystal:

Thanks for this accidental ‘lobang’ bro ­čśÇ

Click here for full story:


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