Connecting rings from old bag

I have an old and beat up bag that has been sitting in a corner of the house for months. As I was about to throw it away, I realized that it has these rings on its handles that can be used to make a customized nato strap. A leather nato maybe.

Here’s a picture of one of the rings that connects the handle to the bag.

Before throwing away the bag, I cut the handles and took out the rings.

I have no intention of making a leather nato at the moment but I figure there’s no harm keeping these rings.

The rings measure 25mm inside and therefore can accommodate a 24mm leather strap. May look good on my Citizen Autozilla on lug adapters.

Here’s a comparison picture with a smaller ring from a 20mm zulu strap.

So, if you have an old bag that you are about to throw away, remember to see if you can salvage the rings.


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