Seiko Solar

Besides the new Seiko 5 models, I also saw a couple of new solar powered analog watches at Hing’s Watch and Pen Centre. The watches are accompanied by a new standee which bears the slogan:

“Seiko. Solar Watch Experts Since 1977”.

Seiko must have produced its first solar powered watch in 1977 or thereabout. But talking about solar watches, most people will think of Citizen Eco-drive which is probably ahead of Seiko in the solar analog watches department.

Most of Seiko’s solar watches are sold in the Japanese market. Even so, I was able to recall a couple of Seiko’s solar powered analog watches which were once available in Singapore or made popular by collectors on the Internet.

The first one that is still fresh in my memory is this Prospex model. This is a discontinued model but it was one of the few Prospex models that was available in the local market.


The next one that comes to my mind is this non-JDM mid size solar diver. We have this in our local market when it was released several years ago. Probably around 2003/2004.


The next one I recall is this current Prospex model. It can be found on the current JDM Seiko catalog. This watch is probably not available in our local market unless my good friend, Big Time decides to being it in.


The last one I recalled is this “Jewel fish” diver. This is an early model and I had to do some googling to get its model number. I don’t remember see this in the local market.


I believe I can think of a few more if I think hard enough but these are the few that come to mind instantly.

With the new standee, it looks like Seiko is putting in more effort to increase their market share in solar watches.

Here are the Seiko solar watches I saw at Hing’s Watch and Pen Centre.


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